Friday, February 27, 2009

Give it away now.

I allowed The Salvation Army pick up the desk with hutch, & twin bed shown. They also took one of my previous mirror doors similar to what is shown. Today I ordered replacement opaque doors for the guest closet doors shown. They are unaligned, and are mirrors. I plan to sell them for $15. I also plan to sell my unused car and home stereo systems, Sofa, and loveseat. I already sold a 32" stereo TV for $100, that I also don't need. I will have rid myself of all the trash left by my father.

A queen poster bed is planned to move into the guest room. There are also plans to strip the kitchen oak cabinets and antique oak dresser. I plan to purchase a 46" HDTV, entertainment center, replacement sofa, dining room table & stools, curtains for the five windows of the living and dining rooms, and a new computer system. The possibility exists for a dog or cat to move in.

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