Monday, December 17, 2007

Off Days

It bothers me much not to have Friday and Saturday off each week. I have a regimented schedule to do certain tasks every seven days consistently. Also, this encompasses the Sabbath or day of rest, and is not a workday. I can get much more done on a Friday than on a Sunday, since everyone else is working. I also am distressed not to have my two days off consecutively. For this reason, I have programmed my days off as my first priority. My workweek starts with Sunday, and ends with Saturday. Therefore, my preferences, in order of most desired first, are: Friday & Saturday, Thursday & Friday, Wednesday & Thursday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Monday & Tuesday, and Sunday & Monday. So far I have been given my first three choices these past few weeks. This week, it is back to Friday & Saturday, 12/20&21/07.

I just found out, what my schedule is, for next week. Imagine my dismay, finding that I have only Monday and Tuesday off! I do not know why this was done. I was given no explanation. This would mean only working the one regular workday of Sunday, and then having two days off again! Then I might have to work the next nine days in a row! Besides that, many people are not working on this particular Monday and Tuesday, preventing my productivity! These days off dates are December 24 and 25. They are the most lonely and depressing days of the year! I have nothing better to do than to work. I had to trade these two days with two other people’s days off in order to get Thursday and Friday off next week! That is the time I would then need to do my weekly laundry, groceries, postal mail, dishes, refuse, shave, pills, and cleaning!

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