Friday, December 28, 2007

1 Day Oil Lasts 1 Month!

10/20/07: I had a prescription to take 4 x 1000mg (4g) of fish oil gel-caps per day. This cost me $39.76 for a 30 day supply (120) under the brand name of Lavaza or Omacor. My insurance company paid another $120.23 for this. I purchased a non-prescription (OTC) amount of (200) x 1200mg softgels for $14.00. This had saved me $33.46 per month.

NOW, I just purchased the same exact container again! I just paid $3.79 at Walgreens for Theragran-M Fish Oil! These are 200: 1200mg softgels! This is less than two cents per tab, and $1.73/month. I am saving myself alone, $38.03/month, and $456.37/year!

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