Monday, January 14, 2008

VOTE for the FL or NY PRIMARY #

Only one of my five phones now work fine in every respect. I purchased this one here in Florida for myself, and sent another one to Nancy. My prize state-of-the-art integrated speaker desk phone from about 1987 has recently acquired another issue. The other phone I added to my desk as a supplement, has also acquired a disability. This, along with a CID device supplement totals 3 devices on my desk. Plus I need to plug in my headset with adapter to use them at all.

My home telephone service is about $20/month including all taxes and fees, and is for 500 anytime anywhere minutes. It has a Florida Space-coast phone number of 321-214-9855. I stay in Space-Central Florida. My mobile telephone number has a Long Island or Greater New York number of 516-770-3766. It is also about $20/month, and for 750 anytime anywhere minutes.

I use the phone in total about 250 hours/month. I have therefore concluded that eliminating my home phone service would save me $20, and the space taken up by my 6 telephone devices.

There are 3 primary callers to me, and all from the Greater New York area. They are also the ones I call and spend the most time with on the phone.

Nancy has a home phone that can only dial out to a 516 area code. Nancy can only call me at home on her mobile phone, and I then I can call her back on her home phone.

516 is within the local calling plan of Richard. If Richard calls me at 321, I must call him back on his home phone. Otherwise, he will pay extra for the long distance fees of the call. He refuses to use a VoIP like my Vonage. Michael is in the 516 area code, but uses his mobile phone. Other people I know only use mobile phones, so can they call me at either 321 or 516, and not be charged extra like Richard.

The people above are mostly what my telephone service is for. Sprint and Vonage have consistently proved difficult and problematic in porting numbers. I have therefore concluded that it is most sensible to keep my 516 number on my mobile phone, and do away with my 321 home number.

What is your opinion? I'd like to know. Which number should stay, and which number should go? 516-NY or 321-FL? Vote for my primary number!

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