Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have four (4) friends outside of Florida. They all have some connection to Plainview in New York. They either live there now, grew up there, or have worked there. I have been in person with all of them in Plainview. One grew up in Syosset like me, but we did not meet then. One grew up in the next town of Plainview, but we did not meet then. One lives in Plainview now, but was not when I was in Syosset. Still another has been a friend of mine since I lived in Syosset. Most of them have been mentioned in this site before. Three of them are Jewish. The fourth lives with a Jew. They include Donna and Michael from 1999, and Nancy from 2002. After the thirty years of our acquaintance, I have talked with one of them for the last indefinite time, today.

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