Monday, September 19, 2005

My Mother and her Mother

This is a picture of my Mother Edythe Miriam, and her Mother Ana, probably in the 1930ies. I am named after Ana, years after she passed away. My Mother passed away on this date, September 19, three years ago today. She was born in 1918. I was born in 1958. My father was born on May 19, 1915, and lives in Florida.
Empathetic, Altruistic, compassionate, concerned, and relentless are some words that best help to exemplify Edith Miriam Lerner. I have known no other person in this universe that has personified these qualities more. She prided herself at being sharp and lucid, and was never otherwise. I have no other personality, spirit, or being that loves me more than my mother of whom I am telling you about now. She is my greatest advocate and supporter by far, ever. I love my mother more than I love anyone. Edith Miriam Aronow Lerner made the transition from her physical body to her current existence, at about 8pm, on the day corresponding to Thursday, September 19, 2002. She communicated to me telepathically while I was just starting to watch an anticipated TV show of Big Brother. She told us of this predicted date four days prior. She has made the transition with her mother Ana, of whom I am named for. I helped bury her body with soil from Israel on 9/23/02.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to verbally, visually, and physically communicate with her during the preceding week. I thanked her, and made it clear that I love her also. My life is forever profoundly changed from this point on. After my life it will be easier and more vibrant to be in communication with her again. I have nobody else in my life with such warmth and caring. It is very hard to accept and go on without the inhabited animated body that brought me life. I have felt such a special warm and unique soul connection with her. This extraordinary person has helped make this world beautiful. I do not have knowledge of a more beautiful being than her. Humanity on earth will not be the same without her. It would be a much warmer and caring world if more people were like her.

Edith Miriam Aronow came into this living world on June 14, 1918. She has seen this world making the transition to telephone communication, and has communicated on the World Wide Web. She joined her partner in life on March 15, 1943. With Bert Lerner, she gave life to Bernice on December 7, 1946,Richard Elliot on May 6, 1949, and myself, on February 21, 1958. During September 2002, she was able to meet with her entire family. This includes five grand children and one special great grand child. They are as follows: Jeffrey Ian 4/30/1973, Jennifer Kim 1/5/1977, Alison Beth 10/6/1978, Alan Howard 10/29/1980, Joseph Paul 10/29/1980, and Dorothy Rose 1/16/2000. All of these people and more are whom Edith cares more about than anything else. She loves all living beings. We are and will be in touch. She is and forever will be, my greatest friend.

I am only available to talk on the telephone between 3:40pm and 8:30pm through Friday, or between 7am and 9pm, on Saturday. Starting Sunday, I can be reached anytime except between 10am and 6:40pm every day. I am available anytime on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can record a voice mail for me.

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