Saturday, September 24, 2005


1) Washing and drying machines inside home!
2) Three times more and nicer home for same money.
3) Monthly shelter costs 70% less
4) I will save a whole bunch of money on my car insurance.
5) No tsunami threats
6) No terrorist threats
7) No harsh change of seasons
8) More laid back
9) Less congested
10)Major sports, theater, museums, and opera have little interest to me.

11)I have no wife or kids tied to NY.
12)Interest rates are going up from a 45 year low
13)Property values in NY are at a plateau.
14)Property values in FL are rising.
15)The Internet and the cell phone were invented.
16)Friends and family may follow suit.

17)Swimming pools.
18)Privacy and quiet
19)Much easier to rent out to roommate with two bedrooms
20)No neighbors living above, below or next to me.
21)Car parked in same space every day!
22) My brother in Staten Island NY will visit me more often, and with greater ease!
23)Avoid unpaid Jury Duty
24)No state tax in Florida
25)More employment opportunities for me
26)There are no more episodes of Seinfeld, Friends, or Sex and the City taking place in NYC.
27)No more nasty and crazy neighbors.
28)NY car insurance is being terminated as of 7/23/04
29)I have no pets
30)Family members are in FL.
31)No pesky basement to prevent house from being blown away in tornado.
32) Many products and services are cheaper.
33)Avoid paying $76.37 per month for 9 months to pay for new windows. 34)Avoid having to park in Floral Park while our parking lots get repaved. All garage owners and space owners will be forced to park in the street.

35)Movies are $5 instead of $9.
36)People are more relaxed, friendly, and helpful.

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