Friday, September 02, 2005

GAS and MONEY Pains and Joys

Gas is now $3/gallon. Each day I work my eight-hour shift, more than one hour of my work, represents how much gas costs me for just only that day that I am working! I have to work more than another hour, just to pay for my car’s maintenance cost for that day, represented by the 76 miles I commute round trip! I am very happy about the following aspects of my position. The dress code and its revision, specifically lists T-shirts, sandals, shorts, jeans, and sneakers as acceptable dress. I will be sitting and talking all day, instead of standing around waiting all day. I will have the same schedule consistently daily and weekly. I will have two consecutive days off. I live 10 miles and 20 minutes closer to Daytona Beach than Forest City. That is where I used to live.

I regret going to the ER at a hospital for a new and different abdominal pain on 5/22/05. It cost me $490.37, in addition to the $266.15 I paid for health insurance that month. It is OBSCENE, that I had to pay $3,691.30, including health insurance, medications, a blood test, and doctor visits, between 5/1/05 and 8/31/05. It is also very sad considering NY State sent me $5,036.16 gross UI during this period. HEALTH INSURANCE, including medication, doctor visits, tests, hospital costs, dental, and vision, is my biggest relief about my employment as of October 1, 2005! During August and September, I have no health insurance. I had severe cyclical abdominal pain the entire morning during my training. This was the first of its kind, possibly by the constipation side effects of my new medication(s). Either traveling to a new job after a long while, getting up after too few hours sleep, or eating forbidden foods, brings on abdominal pain. The first two are applicable for today. I have a different pain reaction to “gas�.

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