Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sporks and Foons

During the week following Richard's visit, I have noticed the overgrowth along my entry walk, that he commented on, was cleared. The remaining sidewalks we walked on have been removed. I have a voice mail message offering me a position installling PCs in Bank of America. I have been experiencing mouse finger syndrome because of my job and my hobby. My finger hurts. I have been told that there is a company right here in Lake Mary, a walk away, that has the same position I have. They are a competor to Telecheck, called Synergy. My company supplies either sporks or foons in my break rooms. They also supply us with free hot Krispy Creme doughnuts, juice, and punch in the morning, and many boxes of hot pizza at 11:45am and after 3pm. For each hour extra we work, we are first paid 1.5 times our hourly wage, and then an additional hour that we dont work. There are plenty of hours for everyone. Since our soon to close centers in Huston and Corpus Cristie Texas have been evacuated due to Rita, calls have been transfered to Daytona Beach.

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