Friday, September 09, 2005

My position

My employment is with Telecheck, a part of Consumer Care Service Group, a division of Teleservices Inc., a business unit of First Data Corporation. Within Telecheck, a person can be a Customer Service Operator for Check Writers or Consumers. More experience or education could qualify one to be a CSR for Merchant services. My title is Universal Representative.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be learning and training in positions within these two units of Telecheck. I will be working in both the consumer, and well as the merchant divisions. My responsibilities will initially involve telecommunications, computer operations, counseling, and advising, with consumer and client services. I have access to millions of personal and business financial information records. I give out consumer reports, and am a liaison to when and who gets what credit.

I am part of an elite small first group that will be starting this new division in Florida. We have been given choice schedules, opportunities, and seniority, eclipsing even veterans of its former location. It is the flagship growth product for First Data, previously in Texas. Telecheck is by far, the largest customer service check guarantee service on the planet. I once said that I would work for Walmart. In the way that I meant it, I now do. Walmart is a six billion dollar client of ours. I could become unemployed without their business.

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