Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally Finished Flipping Florida Fan Fins For Fun.

On Friday, I finally finished flipping Florida fan fins for fun! I recently discovered that the ceiling fans in the guest and living room have a different pattern on each side! It now blends in better with my furnishings, and hides the damaged side! Richard is visiting Florida now from 9/15-23. This is during the same exact time that my entire family visited my mother in Florida, when I still lived in New York. She passed away on 9/19/02. I have not visited her grave since then. I wonder if Richard and my Father will do that on Monday, 9/19/05. Behind my Mother, in 1942, is her mother Ana, my namesake.

For the last week of Unemployment Insurance from NY, I claimed the six out of seven days that I did not work. My benefit amount was therefore less that usual. The amount that it was less exceeded the amount I earned by working the eight hours for that day! I earned less by working that I would have collected by not working. This amount is equal to what I earn by working for more than thirty minutes. The renovation of my automobile has begun. I purchased my 1999 Ford Escort in January 1999. Until now, except for brakes, tires, and the immediate replacement and extreme elaboration on the sound systems in 1999, it has all original parts. Now it has a new exhaust system. It will cost me one and a half (1.5) weeks of working hard. I am amazed at the large majority of obese people working in the call centers where I work!

Talking about eXtreMe car audio, XM Satellite radio will be turned on again. HBO has been turned off. During the past two weeks I emptied and discarded another 2 boxes from Long Island. During these past three weeks, including the last couple of days, I continue to discover things missing due to either forgetting them at Forest City, or taken by Laurie. I now need a new chessboard without pieces, and I lost a cherished Philips head screwdriver from the 1970ies. My Condo appears to have been raped. So many things looked like they were crudely ripped out in a hurry, possibly in a fit of anger or retribution. Here is a partial list: disposal, plants, smoke alarm, switches, molding, plumbing, ice maker, telephone cable and jacks, carpeting, padding, and shelving. Many repairs were done crudely. I fixed all of the proceeding, and more.

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