Thursday, September 29, 2005


Would you believe, that from 1965 through 1970, before my current hand-held was combined with a cell phone to make the Treo Smart Phone, Maxwell Smart used a foot-held Smart phone? This was decades before Cell phones were even invented. Don Adams, who died this week, portrayed a character who was ahead of his time, with a combined shoe and cell phone he wore on his foot. He was Agent 86. During this time, there was another show taking place in the 2400's. That show was 400 years behind the times! They used a phone similar to Motorola's Star Tac flip phone! And that phone could not even beam up like today's smart phones! They needed a separate giant apparatus from an orbiting ship to beam up! Not only that, but they also had to use an additonal, separate, cumbersome device called a "Treo-Corder" to record information and do everything else! NBC got smart, and 86ed that spacy show. Get Smart was one of my first favorite TV shows. I also sort of liked that other show that went where no TV show had gone before. This article was written by Andrew Lerner.

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