Saturday, January 17, 2004

For the first time ever, I now have digital cable television service. I now have many hundreds of stations including all of about 9 HBO channels. It is an EXTREMELY TREMENDOUS difference from the conventional analogue cable TV service up to July 2002! My favorite channel is 611. I have it on throughout the day through my 1000 watt sound system, when I am not watching TV. The reasons for getting it are:
1) $47/month for all of the above! (bulk rate via my coop)
2) I am discontinuing my subscription at the end of this month @$22/month. I have run out of DVD's to watch.
3) I have been getting poor aerial reception the past few weeks.
4) Sex and the City
5) Six Feet Under
6) commercial free excellent music 24/7 (611 ROCKS!)
7) CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Science channel 111, Tech TV channel.

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