Saturday, December 30, 2006

Don't Loose SIGHT

I enjoy biking. It is valuable to my health and happiness. It is more efficient to accomplish exercise, and transportation or work simultaneously. It also preserves our environment, and saves us money. It is not dangerous to drive my bike to and from my place of employment. What IS dangerous, IS that a protective bike path is not provided for me. If I die from a car rider, it will be the fault of the people in my town, county, and state, for not recognizing my rights and protection. If I die over the I-4, It will not be surprising to find an "ANDREW LERNER Memorial Bike-way" created over the bridge I once drove.


As I was biking the other day, another person yelled out of his car window "side-walk". This bothers me, because it shows how people in this country do not take responsibility for their actions. There are no "side-walks"! And the very name indicates that they are for WALKING. Write to your government representatives about the need to protect individuals from automobile users. If you see me biking when you are riding your car, make sure you do not hit and kill me. It is your responsibility as much as it is mine. The rules that govern our public roads and streets is that it be SHARED with bicyclists.


This society does not value the individual. It worships imagery and instant gratification country is loosing sight of the right of the individual by phobic re-defining what marriage is, prohibiting the burning of a red, white, and blue rag, or having it worshiped in schools. It is more important to find homes and jobs for people in our country, than to just send them off to die in Iraq. It is why irresponsible selfish arrogant people such as George W. Bush are in positions of power. You, the automobile user, is the reason our environment is being destroyed, and we are at war in Iraq. Put compact fluorescent bulbs in your home. See the light. Feel the freedom from oil dependence.


I need a partner for whom we can help each-other reach our individual and mutual goals. However, as an Aspie, it is so overwhelmingly frustrating to find people into my life. I therefore, am no longer actively bothering to find anyone. This society does not value the individual. Each individual in this society values themselves!

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