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Towelie, (also known as Toweleeeie or Stephen McTowelie), voiced by Vernon Chatman, is a talking "RG-400 Smart Towel" manufactured by Tynacorp, designed to automatically be able to adjust his absorbency level depending on the dampness of the surface he is used on. He is 17 in "towel years". He is usually seen either giving towel-related advice to the citizens of South Park or, more often, getting high on marijuana. Towelie constantly reminds other characters to "Don't forget to bring a towel!" and then, after an awkward pause, asks the subjects "do you wanna get high?".

Towelie often falsely claims that drugs improve his memory and/or make him smarter. It is implied that marijuana is to Towelie's memory as spinach is to Popeye's strength: whenever Towelie smokes a joint, the Popeye theme song is played, as it is when Popeye eats spinach. This ends in an anticlimax with Towelie forgetting where he is and what he was doing, saying "I have no idea what's going on."

Towelie's major appearances include appearing in a self titled episode based around his origin, and in A Million Little Fibers, a parody where he writes a partly fabricated memoir, which gets him into trouble with his fans. After Kenny's death, the boys go searching for a replacement friend in the episode Professor Chaos. Towelie, a possible candidate, was said to be "Stoned all the time. You can't really depend on him for anything", by the boys. Nonetheless, Towelie makes it to the final round.

In the South Park episode A Million Little Fibers, Towelie goes on the Oprah Winfrey show wherein Oprah's genitalia begins to talk, in a 'British' accent, and refers to itself as her minge.

"A Million Little Fibers" is episode 10x05 of South Park and aired on April 19, 2006. It is primarily a parody of the controversy surrounding James Frey's book A Million Little Pieces and focuses on Towelie and features none of the other main characters. This episode is the lowest rated South Park episode on Internet Movie Database [1].

Towelie is one of my favorite characters.This is the first episode of South Park I have seen without any of the main characters. Unlike most of the episodes, I did not smile often. I laugh out loud at many. This episode had a talking towel, who smokes marijuana. He wrote a book, and was on both the Larry King and Oprah Winfrey show. Other prominent characters in this episode included Geraldo Rivera, Oprah's "Asshole" and vagina. I found the sensationalism of the script amusing.
At the end of Towelie's fist episode, Towelie is very high and has no idea where he is at. This leads Cartman to tell him, "You're the worst character ever, Towelie." Towelie replies, "I know." Please click on the title and all words that are underlined, or in a different color for more information.

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