Friday, April 03, 2009


943 Bakewell Ct.#101

Lake Mary, FL 32746-3388

516-770-3766 & 321-214-9855
Hi! My &rew view & sight is
empowered by the Aspie operating
system. I’m A. Lerner + have Aspergers
Syndrome. It’s not like you think. Enlighten your-
self to my A.LtERNativE Reasoning, interests, views
+ experiences. 1/15 is Autistic, + aspire to learn what Neuro-
Typical assume understood. My processing of stimuli + interaction
is "A Lerner" different. Do not be ALien. Become the A in Lerner, + my friend!
Please read left, + click pictures, underlined, icons + links below.

I’m a calm, creative, gentle, organized, direct, open, honest, stable, consistent, responsible,
literal, deliberate, diciplined, sincere, unpretentious, audatious, irreverent, unconventional + non-traditional Individual. What is your reaction to this posting, the content, and the presentation?

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