Saturday, May 30, 2009


Neurotypical (or NT) people have neurological development and state that are consistent with what most people would perceive as normal in their ability to process linguistic information and social cues.[1] While originally coined among the autistic community as a label for non-autistic persons,[2] the concept was later adopted by both the neurodiversity movement and the scientific community.[3][4][5] In the United Kingdom, the National Autistic Society recommends the use of the term in its advice to journalists. [6]

The lamp has nothing to do with the definition above. I just wanted to shed some light on the subject. I consider NT an operating system of both Microsoft and the majority of people. I, however, use the Aspie operating system. Knowing this has empowered me. Therefore, I am empowered by the Aspie Operating System. Most people use a PC powered by the Windows operating system. Windows can shed some light in as well. This sentence is to fill up this space to the right of the other light source.
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