Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teaching needed for Elementary schools.

I could have benefited a great deal if the following subjects were taught in elementary school. There are many things I probably still do not know.

  1. Friendship, relationship, and how to get along with other people.
  2. Emotions: What are they, and what is their role.
  3. Anatomy: What does the opposite sex look like, and what are the parts called.
  4. Dressing: When to wear what, and how. Why do boys and girls dress differently.
  5. Manners and etiquette. Why do we have these rules what are they.
  6. Body language.
  7. Bank accounts and managing money.
  8. Personality: Masculinity and Femininity.
  9. Society: How does it work. What should I be doing and why?
  10. Organization: How to schedule one's day, and how do filing systems work?
  11. Activities: What is necessary, and why. Fitness, socialization, studying, and working.
  12. Learning. How to do this. Study skills and habits. How hard to work and why.
  13. Communication. When, how, and why.
  14. Family members: who are they, and what are they for.

Without knowing the above subjects it very difficult to learn anything else in school. Most subject like history, literature and biology are taught way too soon, and are irrelevant to learning how to live. Children should be able to see unaltered pictures of naked people in class. They should also be taught about sexual activity. Evolution should be a mandatory science topic. Creationism should only be taught as an optional religion topic later. There should be no time required to a flag or prayer.

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Anonymous said...

I think that the education system should not be responsible for teaching most of these subjects. Emotions, Dressing, Communication, Family Members, Personality, and Body Language. If a person cannot learn these things within their family, they can seek individual training in all of these subjects and should.