Friday, April 02, 2010

No Space for our Future

The destruction of what our nation was, was perpetrated, and continues from the G.W. Bush Administration. The richest always have the most influence, and demand even more money and power. We US citizens are all dependent on Oil and resources more than any other civilization ever. That is why we spend billions of our (space) dollars trying to control the world in our interests. We waste our money invading countries and killing people with our poor pawn soldiers. This forces our powerless position of President even more impotent and powerless. He is the best person for the Job since Clinton and Kennedy. We all just want to get our gas, TVs, and drugs, despite how the rest of the world suffers. Gasoline is what powers our "freedom" automobiles. We send our young, poor, and disadvantaged children to fight for our "freedom". Space travel and education becomes an esoteric academic pursuit. Why waste science education on our children, when they will die for us in other countries? We have our space video games and Star Trek. Why waste our money on a REAL future?

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