Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Apples. 1960-1970

"Apple records" was a record company founded by the Beatles, with a green Granny Smith Apple logo. Apple is the name of the company which founded iTunes. Those are the Apples. "Beatles for Sale" is finally for sale on iTunes — along with the rest of the Fab Four's albums, from "Please Please Me" to "Revolver" to "Abbey Road." I designed the stamp to the left to commemorate the musical group. I have modified it to be a part of a cover page in my Adobe Illustrator portfolio for my college class. The five cents sticker was applied, and the musical group's logo was replaced. I thought this posting would be applicable. The group existed from 1960 through 1970. Let it be.

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Dan said...

Don't you have to be dead to be on a stamp? I know George died not too long ago, John is gone about 30 years, and John burried Paul, but, Ringo just celebrated a birthday.