Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Name For Dummies

My name is Andrew Lerner. It can be abbreviated as "A. Lerner". The first letter of my first name is "A". That is my first Initial. The Internet can only recognize names that do not have embedded blank spaces. Therefore, a period or "dot" is sometimes substituted. This is what it looks like: ".".

The following is a "name" that would be accepted by the Internet: "A.Lerner". The letters in this name can be found, and in the same order, in the following words or phrase:"Alternative read." To illustrate this, these words are repeated with some the letters of these words made into capital letters: "ALtERNativE Read." This is further illustrated, and made into an Internet friendly name as follows: A.LtERNativE.Read. This is an alternative way to read!

The ampersand symbol of "&" represents the English word "and". The letters in the word "and" are also the first three letters, and in the same order, in my first name of "Andrew". Therefore, by objective logic, "&rew" can represent my name by substituting "&" for the letters "And". Please tell me your reaction below, to a post of mine.

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