Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am A Lerner different.

My name is A. Lerner. I am an Aspie. It is not like you think. I think and learn differently than you. The order of my thinking process does not follow the same order as a NT (neuro-typical person), as perhaps yourself. Aspie is a person with Aspergers Syndrome. It is a high functioning form of Autism. One out of every 15 people are Autistic (Aspie ratio). We are gifted in different ways. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Dan Akroid are Aspies. We all "Aspire" to enjoy in life what others take for granted. I am a learner. Since my thinking order and processing of information and stimuli are different, you could say I learn differently, or I am a little different. I prefer to say "I am A Lerner different." I am the A in Lerner.
Aspies think logically, and love math. Math is the only course I earned strait A's in. It has served Albert Einstein well. Aspies compensate to relate with NT people by acting. I am skilled in dry facetious humor. This has served Dan Akroid well. Aspies think "outside the box", and are non-conformists. I have found innovative ways to survive, and rejected formal and traditional education. This has served Bill Gates well. Aspies love words, phrases, and word play. This has served A. Lerner well.

Thomas Alva Edison said that "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." I have 100% Aspieration. I am ASPIErational. Like Bill Gates, I use the ASpie operating system. -2/14/08

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