Friday, November 16, 2007

Place of employment survey

11/15/07 Annual Convergys survey: I greatly enjoyed filling out the long and detailed annual employee questionnaire. It in addition, gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts. Below is what I wrote:
Accommodations need to be made for the learning needs of people with Aspergers Syndrome. Training is not used efficiently. Training needs to cover more detail at a slower pace. Too much training time is wasted, often for long periods of non-productive work, such as chatting, smoking, and playing games. Refresher classes should be given to those who need and request them. The lack of communication at all levels is appalling. I am not provided the time to acquire the information and develop the skills to do my job efficiently. I continue to be frustrated in not getting the help that I need. I am eager to do my job better. There are tremendously way too many supervisory, managerial, and policy changes. I love my co-workers more than any other people I have ever met. I never know if the company wants me or not. I want to work here indefinitely. The prizes, contests, shouting, promotions, and events result in lowering my moral and motivation instead of the reverse. Too much time and money is wasted on them as well. I prefer to be shown how to help myself using resources, rather that be told to use them. In the 2 years I have been here, I am constantly craving the opportunity to learn how to do my job, and to have feedback on how I could do my work tasks in a more efficient way.

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