Thursday, July 03, 2008

516-770-3766 and 321-214-9855

I have had excellent home telephone service with Vonage for more than three years. I have unlimited usage in Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States @ $14.99/month for one year. I also have 750 anytime anywhere minutes with my mobile phone @ $14.95/month. However, since I only use less then about 250 minutes/month, and my tenants only use their mobile phones, I changed my plan for 321-214-9855 today. My plan is now $4.99/month for unlimited incoming or calls to Vonage accounts. Each outgoing call is 3.9 cents per minute. 250 minutes x .039 = $10. $10+4.99 = 14.99. Click here for more postings on this subject.

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