Thursday, October 09, 2008

Up to 5769 ה'תשס"ט

Today is the most important day of the year. It is a day we reflect on the year that has just past. I will also reflect on my new era of these past 3.75 years. I am still being born, and discovering life. I finally have a home, a community, financial security, stability, consistency, and peace. I have not only discovered what a vacation means, but am experiencing a permanent one.

I have discovered the delight and relaxation of swimming, floating on my back, and looking up at the palm trees, clouds, and sunny blue sky. I have discovered that I can float on the water and breath, without moving my limbs! With my first goggles, I can see underwater! With wax, I can keep water out of my ears! Swimming is so soothing, yet invigorating! It is a great remedy to the excruciating stress at work!

After years, for the past six weeks, I have finally forced myself, and discovered that I can have the built-in pool all to myself every Monday and Tuesday late morning or noon! I am so glad I have been getting this exercise on two of my days off every week for at least the past six weeks! I found, and played with a cute frog the other week! It is amazing that it can do everything a frog can do, even though it was only the size of my thumbnail! I suppose it could live off the dead mosquitoes on the water surface. Then perhaps it would be eaten by a bird etcetera. The pool area is a pleasure since new stone flooring was put down on the cabana, veranda, spa, and pool-rim.

Burritos are my favorite food dish since lasagna! Chipolte, and my one-month Roommate Steve introduced it to me. I enjoy buying all of the ingredients, and making them fresh for myself! Even salsa was a new introduction to me three years ago as my favorite condiment!

Seven (7) years ago, I purchased my first cell phone, digital camera, and received my first Palm. Today I have a Palm device that includes and replaces all three! I also received a pair of wayfarer eye-shields seven years ago. All of four of these were from The Wiz. I have now lost these, along with my first and only two pairs of prescription eye-shields that I ever owned, during these 3.75 years.

I have progressively been feeling younger. I am the same exact age as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Ellen Degenerous. Those are three of my favorite people. To quote NY Magazine: When Michael Jackson is 50; you know that you are old! How fitting, that NASA and AARP were first created when I was born! Now I live near NASA, and first qualify to be a member of AARP!

Bill Mahr is two years old than I, and one of my heroes. His views, beliefs, values, and attitude is nearly identical to mine! I now take 13 pills from two pillboxes each day for medical reasons! My parents lived through the Depression. One of which is still alive. I am glad to be employed during these times. Fortunately, my 401K has twenty years to recuperate. I love my new lifestyle!

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