Saturday, December 13, 2008

Intelligence & Sex

The following letter is from The (Btitish)Sunday Times December 14, 2008. It is NOT from me, and does NOT represent my views on sexual activity. What I CAN identify with, is in color. The annonymous writer was responding to the article"Dealing with disability, but not passing it on."
AS A young adult with Asperger syndrome capable of working and living independently, I have a unique viewpoint on the arguments of Minette Marrin (Parents of a Down’s child must make painful choices, Comment, November 30) and India Knight (You forgot about love, Minette, News Review, last week), particularly in regard to sexual desirability. I am proud of my above-average intelligence and believe that we have untold riches to offer society, but the jobs we get are symptomatic of the “economic bullying” to which we are increasingly subjected in a world obsessed with charm.
I serenely accept celibacy as my lot for two reasons: firstly, since we are individually incapable of intuitive understandings with other people, I believe it would be wrong to engage in a sexual relationship, and disapprove of anything resembling dating circles for those like us; and secondly, with the difficulties we face worsening rather than improving, I cannot contemplate bringing another “Aspie” into the world.

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