Saturday, January 02, 2010

Enzo's on the Lake

  1. Please read the column at the left, left click on all of the posting titles, pictures, and underlined blue words.
  2. Please click below, on "Comments, Reactions, & Feedback", below, to read reviews, and or write your own reply.
  3. This means a great deal to me.
  4. Each box, below the date below, corresponds to the letter of your choice:
  5. A = Funny. B = Informative. C = Clever. D = Disagree. E = Excellent. F = Frivolous.
  6. Please place your cursor arrow onto the little white box, next to the letter, that represents your selection.
  7. Press down to click.
  8. A check mark will then appear, showing that you have voted.
  9. The counter for that box, will increment by your one rating (#)
  10. Notice, that below, it says " 1 = Comments, Reactions..." Click there below to read the comments.

1 comment:

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