Saturday, January 30, 2010

Undressing Mandatory for Security.

The following poll was created on Facebook, 2010-01-19. Here is the Link:
New scanning technology can show an on-screen, image of the airplane passenger's naked body, contrasted with any other objects except clothing. This screen image would be publicly viewable in real time. The electronic method may present both too great a health risk, privacy violation, and liability issue. For these reasons...
Would you be willing to undress to your underwear, and frisked, in lieu of a full body scan at airport security?
YES. It is safer than the X-ray method, and helps to keep Americans Safer.

NO. I would rather have dangerous invasive x-rays that show me naked. This would not be an invasion of my privacy or violation. I am willing to sign a waiver of any civil rights or health liability.

[VOTE NOW] Note the "Please, NO Jokes" signage at the TSA security check in the San Diego airport. Also note the gun and explosives exposed by the x-ray scan. As with the "Underwear Bomber", a gun could be concealed behind those pink briefs. However, it can not be assumed that a bulging protrusion is a gun. What happens if the person is not wearing any underwear?

5/24/10 Update: It seems most prefer other passengers at the gate see them naked than to be in their underwear.

27.5% Yes. It can help protect many lives.
62.5% No. I would rather have invasive x-rays that show me naked.

How do you stand? Clothed or less? You can vote here also: Click A for yes or D for no.

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