Saturday, March 06, 2010

Symptoms of A. S.

Symptoms of Aspie include:

Difficulty interacting with others
Trouble making friends
Poor understanding of other people's feelings
Insensitivity to social cues and facial expressions
Inappropriate social and emotional responses
Preoccupation with one's own world
Not sharing enjoyment, interests, or achievements with others
Following repetitive routines
Single mindedness
Limited interests, usually one or two subjects
Repeating words or phrases over and over
Intense interest in a few topics
Good rote memory without understanding the information
Limited verbal skills or using words in odd ways
Difficulty imagining things or thinking abstractly
Taking things very literally
Focusing on small details and having trouble seeing the bigger picture
Ability to read without understanding the words
Problems with nonverbal communication
Poor eye contact
Few facial expressions, except for anger or unhappiness
Impaired body posturing or use of gestures
Clumsy movements
Hand flapping
Poor coordination
Inflexibility or trouble accepting change
Difficulty accepting loss or criticism
Desire to finish any tasks that are started

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