Sunday, September 19, 2010

Edith Miriam Lerner

Andrew I. Lerner remembers his mother today. It was on this day, in 2002, that she passed away in Florida. She was born Edith Miriam, in 1918 NYC. She passed away at the start of Big Brother, my favorite TV show at the time. The concept of George Orwell's "Big Brother" gave her the "willies". Perhaps FaceBook is the manifestation of this Big Brother concept. I was born FORTY (40) years later, in 1958. The period of my extreme youth, is documented the the AMC TV program "Mad Men" which is on tonight at 10pm and at 11pm EDS. 9pm Central time. The above picture was taken at my Bar Mitzva on Feb. 21 , 1971, in Syosset. In the rear, and on the left, can be seen the Grandfather of Jeff and Alison Wernick. This was also the Year that Lois Labowitz got married to my brother. Lois and her family, including in Syosset and NYC, are mourning the loss of another Edith who also passed away this month, also in the lower-east side of Florida, originally in NYC. I moved to Florida from NYC in 2005, two years after my mother was laid to rest here. Lois, her Mother, Richard, and I were the only ones at our Father's funeral in Florida 2008.

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