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Am I an Agnostic Socialist that does not recognize authority or respect convention? Chantri Waddoups No, you're an Aspie. Bess Ortiz where do you come up with this stuff.... Andrew I. Lerner its what I do. Robbie Aasdf ‎*poof* in a puff of anti logic...this evens out to zero. it's sorta like.."what would chairs be like if our knees were in the back of our legs?" Nancy Goldfarb That best describes you are most Aspies like this? Andrew I. Lerner Every Aspie is an individual in every sense of the definition. Bess Ortiz ‎@Robbie lol! @ Nancy did you think all Aspies were like Andrew because he made known to all that he is an aspie and you don't know any other aspies? The difference between the shapes of Long Island and Florida is one is tiny and exited, and the other is big and flaccid. Which do you prefer? Bess Ortiz a whoppie cusion! Jennifer Jones Now now we are actually just in those bondage under pants that keeps us down. Jennifer Jones So Florida isn't flaccid it's kinky. There is a difference. NYC has six Boroughs: NY, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Florida. Long Island has 5 counties: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, and Florida. Arlynn Beyer Palmer and Irma Laureano like this. Andrew I. Lerner went to the book store looking to pick up a "Where's Waldo" book, but I couldnot find one anywhere! Well played Waldo, well played indeed... Is a nickname that spelled differently, but pronounced the same, a homonym? Ex: "&rew" and "Andrew" David Danger McIntosh Technically, yes. Then again, English rules change overnight, so who really knows. In Publix, my new neighbor came over to and introduced herself. She said she knows me from my web sites prior to moving in. Ooooh, &rew might have a stalker! Nice to see some people are actually doing some research. Smart American! :) Television does not get better then Mad Men Andrew I. Lerner *** just did her first biking since 1974? She just got this bike from Pat Peterson. I may be buying a bike for Robbie Aasdf. Bess Ortiz I don't think you will have go buy a bike, your wife may tire quickly from hers.. Andrew I. Lerner Bess: You are so wise. :) Pat Peterson Very good photo of you, Andrew! Andrew I. Lerner Thank You Pat. *** was comfortable and successful on the bike. Jim did an excellent job with the bike. Andrew I. Lerner is happy about selling his stereo for $100 via Please search my blog for details. Please click "Like" below if you are happy for me. September 19 at 8:38pm Feedback (5) Gloria Nunamaker and Kati Koto like this Pat Peterson I am very happy for you! Now, tell me about *** bike ride. Remember we wanted a non-smoking bike. I hope she enjoyed it. Pat Peterson Your mother painted beautiful pictures, also! Andrew I. Lerner Thank you Pat, for appreciating her artwork on the anniversary of her passing. Jim did an excellent job. Andrew I. Lerner Mad Men: Tune in tonight to AMC's Sunday original programming with Mad Men at 10/9c. Please click "Like" below if you like Mad Men. September 19 Irma Laureano likes this. Andrew I. Lerner Religious Jews did not eat two slices of lasagna at 1:30am. 1) It is Yom Kippur, which includes fasting. 2) Meat and Cheese together in not kosher. 3) Yum is not another word for "Yom". September 18 David Danger McIntosh likes this. Robin Axelrod Matheson Kippur is not another name for a smoked herring. You like this. Andrew I. Lerner ‎??? I did not know that ??? I just know that locks is not smoked salmon. A kipper is a whole herring, a small, oily fish,[1] that has been split from tail to head, gutted, salted or pickled, and cold smoked. Dan Homan I am not Jewish, but I think the correct tesponse should be "you should only have nachos" Robin Axelrod Matheson Love it! Andrew I. Lerner Dan may not be Jewish, but he is 1) an Aspie 2) is Superman 3) Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. ‎"Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal" How can something that happens naturally be illegal? We may have to do a lot of genetic engineering, that I am sure the GOP opposes as well. Someone from the Sheriff dept. rang my bell and knocked on my door at around 1:37 am this morning. When I answered the door in my non-superman pajamas, I believe he asked for a "Scott Bateman". I verified my address, told him my name, and said I never heard of that name. Robin Axelrod Matheson I hope they apologized for the interruption of your sleep. Andrew I. Lerner Thank you. But no. Bess Ortiz Wow. Doesn't surprise me because i worked at the jail house for 3 mts a long time ago. Stupidity runs rampid there unfortunately. Elanor Audrey Cactus is growing so fast. She has taken root in Lake Mary, Florida while her namesake Elanor Matheson is taking root in MI. Elanor Matheson Wow it looks so happy!! :D It will go dormant a bit in the winter time, its probably just enjoying its nice new home :D Andrew I. Lerner was going to make 2 1-hour round-trips to Rob for swimming, hot-tub, friends, and a homemade lasagna dinner tonight. He's more concerned about getting his things together and trying to get a job at the moment. He has no transportation, job, or UIC. Only food stamps. He may be homeless soon *** cooked from... scratch, the lasagna shown below. What say you? is this sad? There was Huge amount of terrific food. So sad we could not share it with him, or more than the one unemployed friend who did come. Jennifer Jones His food stamps came in yesterday though so he had food at least. But a person has to do what they have to do. Hard to have fun with that much hanging over one's head. September 16 Gloria Nunamaker Andrew I know *** worked hard on this and it looks and I bet tasted good and you were willing to do all the driving to get him but maybe his pride stood in his way Jennifer Jones Wouldn't it better to ask him directly instead of speculation? September 17 Andrew I. Lerner I agree Jenn. I had already called him as I told you, and you have already reaffirmed above, the discussion we 3 had previously had. Gloria: I appreciate your support, and urge you to talk with him. "Peggy" Olson (born May 25, 1939)[1] is a prominent fictional character in the AMC television series Mad Men, and is portrayed by actress Elisabeth Moss. Initially, Peggy is secretary to Don Draper (portrayed by actor Jon Hamm), creative director of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper. Later, she is promote...d to copywriter, the first female writer at the firm since World War II. She later joins Draper when he leaves Sterling Cooper to become a founding member of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. We named the Kitten below, Peggy, on 9/12/10 Andrew I. Lerner's wife is cooking from scratch a wonderful home made lazagna dinner tonight. Pat Peterson is coming Robbie Aasdf has canceled. Would you like to come over for a free dinner? Please click Like below or call me. See FB info or my blog. Alan Da Costa Ahh, homemade lasagna sounds good- ENJOY! Andrew I. Lerner Enjoyed Peggy the 4-week old kitten since yesterday. (named after Peggy Olsen of Mad Men) September 13 Courtney Prevor, Bess Ortiz and Robin Axelrod Matheson like this. Andrew I. Lerner is finding school work lonely, depressing, and difficult. September 11 Chantri Waddoups You're not the only one. Thank You Chantri. Jennifer Jones Breathe and take a moment and listen to some music then go back to it. You can do it! Thank you Jennifer. I tried that and it is working. Andrew I. Lerner is willing to pay you up to $10/hr to read to me for Seminole State College of Florida. Experience with Adobe Illustrator, and with creating a web page is preferred. Reading the text book, of what I will then do on the computer, keeps me focused. I have a hard time concentrating, and can not multitask. You would provide the objective structure and discipline that I find almost impossible.September 14 Daniel דָּנִיֵּאל Segard סִיגַרד If you can get the book in PDF format you can have PDF Reader speak the book to you. A monotone voice that mispronounces some of the words, but that will keep you alert! Andrew I. Lerner Thank you so much! I can get a book on cd audio with a human. I need a human presence to motivate, and make sure I stay focused and active. Can you identify with what I am going through? Daniel דָּנִיֵּאל Segard סִיגַרד Yes, I load books to my mp3 player and learn while I'm out bicycling. Just sitting and reading doesn't give me as much, my mind wanders, etc. Andrew I. Lerner Yes .... mind wandering. However I need to take action on a computer keyboard and touch pad as I read each step. Also I can not multitask. I can only drive the bike. How about you in multitasking? Daniel דָּנִיֵּאל Segard סִיגַרד The bicycling is pretty much "autopilot" to me after all of these years. I'm aware of what is around me sufficiently to avoid hitting anything or being hit. My auditory learning is frequently linked to where I am. So if I re-listen to the same section of a lecture, my mind pops up a memory of where I was on my bicycle when I heard it. Likewise, sometimes if I'm off on the same trail, I'll remember what was being said on the lecture the last time I was through the area. Bess Ortiz cant you get your wife to just read to you? Daniel דָּנִיֵּאל Segard סִיגַרד At $10 an hour it keeps the money in the family! Bess Ortiz ‎@Daniel yea for real! Bess Ortiz ‎@ Andrew how did you manage college life before and graduated with a degree? Andrew I. Lerner Bess: she finds it torture, and does not consider reducing her debt by $10/hour real money. She also does not know the subject matter, and has no interest in what I am pursuing. Daniel: I did see it that way, but she does not. If I do not give her cash, she does not think it is worth it. Bess: I took one class each quarter. It was still hard, but I was also 25 years younger. What say yous? Bess Ortiz Okay. You are married so either way she will receive money from you earned or not. It will be less if you start paying for help. I understand that she may not have the same interests as you and not bother helping. I am that way with my husband because when I help more and more became expected of me to the point where I could not do anything else. Andrew I. Lerner Bess: Thank you. "It will be less if you start paying for help." Do you mean to my wife? Bess Ortiz Your wife will get less money if you start paying it out to a stranger. Metro Burger is opening in a former Pilates studio in the Heathrow-Lake Mary area. They serve Ultra-premium gourmet hamburgers served in a fast-casual, metro-chic atmosphere. The menu includes fries (regular and sweet potato), onion rings, chili and fried dill pickles. 33,609,000 combinations of hamburgers available at Metro Burger® September 10 John Holliday likes this.

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