Thursday, December 25, 2003

As I predicted, and expected, P. C. Richard & Son is moving and taking over the former Carle Place flagship location of the late The Wiz store. This is a jewel of a location, on Old Country Road, NW corner directly across from Roosevelt field. P.C.R.&S has been below the hill and LIRR tracks, just beyond the former The Wiz parking lot, on Voice Road. Shortly before The Wiz closed all of its stores forever, almost a year ago, they abandoned their original location from 1977(?) next door, and finally took over The Great American Drug Store. The original location is totally renovated more upscale than the location ever was, and is now two new Bombay stores. After many renovations and many re-renovations that Cablevision spent their subscriber’s money on in just a few months, that store is gutted once more yet again for the oldest and largest appliance and electronic store chain of the area (P.C.R.&S.). Just down the Old Country Road, in Westbury, Is its only National competitor, Best Buy, and Circuit City, which used to be the competitor to both. I believe CC has lost its way, and it’s only a matter of time.

A new Pier One store is replacing what is left of the former Pergament in Lake Success. Walmart would be a good replacement for the location in Garden City Park.

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