Sunday, December 07, 2003

Former governor of Vermont

ECONOMY: Plans to repeal Bush's tax cuts and instead use the funding to support initiatives such as universal health care. Proposes to simplify the tax system by closing corporate loopholes and providing incentives for small businesses to create jobs. Also proposes to balance the federal budget by rolling back tax cuts and more disciplined spending.

IRAQ: Opposed the United States going to war, saying that Iraq did not pose an immediate threat to U.S. security and that the country should not join the conflict alone. Has also criticized the Bush administration's postwar planning. Deans says Bush's $87 billion request to support military and reconstruction efforts should be funded by repealing Bush's tax cuts.


North Carolina senator

ECONOMY: Proposes delaying tax cuts for families making more than $200,000 and making permanent tax cuts for the middle class. Calls for a refundable energy tax credit of $500 for all families. Says he would reduce by 10 percent the government workforce, excluding defense and homeland security workers, over 10 years.

IRAQ: Voted to support the use of force and says Saddam Hussein's removal is good for Iraq, the stability of the region and American security. But has criticized Bush for not getting support from allies and for not having a post-war plan.

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