Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Netflix: "My So-Called Life (5-Disc Series)

I may not write “My Life…� yet, or at least the content may change. “My So Called Life� seems to be its sequel. In chronological order then the next two sequels should be “Sex and the City� and “Six Feet Under�. So far I find these series’ to be among the best produced for television since St. Elsewhere and Northern Exposure. I was not sure about “My So-Called Life� at first. With the character development, issues addressed, writing, and acting, I have grown to love it. These three dramas mentioned are outstanding! My So-Called Life is the most outstanding drama series ever! It is so realistic and refreshing. It is what so-called “life� is about. This is what the DVD was invented for. I am amazed to see that this was on TV in 1994 and I missed it! It’s a crime and a shame that the series was at the mercy of advertisers on ABC. Those TV shows of the fifties, sixties, and seventies were as unrealistic, stupid and insulting as this series is not."

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