Saturday, April 14, 2007


My new grill is delightfully easier to clean than my old one. My new backpack eliminates the need for me to also use my waist pack, and lunch cube. I am very satisfied with the framing of the Palm tree beach painting. My new electronic sonic toothbrush is helping me maintain my teeth and gums far better than either my previous electric or manual toothbrushes.

4/12, my Publix Supermarket has moved to a new location, closer to me! Now it is less than one mile away from me! It is right between my Target, and my Staples. It is even more upscale and gigantic than the previous location. It is huge, immaculate, beautiful, enormous, and spacious! The many many customer service Associates all wear new elaborate uniforms, as if they were working in a store on Midtown Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The service provided exceeds that of stores in that location as well. The selection is greater, and the lay-out is brilliant. I greatly appreciate the 15" flat color screens that are exclusively for the patron at the P.O.S. I purchase my first figs in memory today. It was one of many samples that was offered to me throughout the store. My service at the Deli counter was beyond professional and Respectful. The displays of product was exceptional. There are beautiful new fine upholstered wood chairs and tables by the Pharmacy. There is an upscale Coffee Cafe with indoor tables and chairs, along with elegant iron chairs and tables outside.

This old historic city of Lake Mary, has seen much development over the past two years, and is rapidly becoming more upscale, and a desirable city to live in.

My $120. Plantronics headset broke. I sent it first class last Saturday for $2 to Plantronics. I received a free replacement for free on Thursday. It was and is covered by a two year warranty. I have owned the original for one year. I use it for work, and with an adapter, use it with either my mobile, cordless, or corded phones, that have sockets for a speaker/microphone.

I have had a new Team Leader these past two weeks. He is the first TL I have had previously. We had our first team meeting during this past week. At the beginning of the meeting, we met the new members of the new team. Most of us were from our previous team. Later in the meeting, we learned that some of us would be going to a new team as of Sunday 4/15/07.

I am one of them. None of my original teammates are coming with me. The decision was based on our schedules. Most of them start at 7am. I changed mine to start between 9 & 10:30am. This means I was on a new team for two weeks. I was on my previous team for many months.

Last week, my brother called me after 3 weeks! Michael called me after weeks! Nancy gave me her weekly call as well. I got many chores done last weekend, and today! I have finally acknowledged, watch, and enjoy South Park. Another favorite show of mine is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

I rented and watched 4 DVDS the past week. I have a card that allows me unlimited rentals for $1.99 each this month at Blockbuster. The grades next to these movies only reflect my enjoyment, and not my critical rating. The HISTORY of the World Part I = C. Capote = C. The Huckabies = C. Borat = F. Movies that I have rated an A+ for enjoyment include Private Parts with Howard Stern, Network, and Being There. My favorite part of the HISTORY DVD was "Jews In Space".

I have never loved more people so much as I do here in Florida! In front of my house, rocket launches, including the Space Shuttle, can be seen going up from the Kennedy Space Center in Coco Beach. The logo for the new at&t should be @&T. The symbol @ represents at. The Symbol & represents AND.

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