Sunday, April 01, 2007

Social Food & Purchases.

On 3/15, after more than a year, but less than 3000 miles, I got my oil changed. I also purchased 3 new tires. The car was ready for my trip to Nancy for lunch. My auto insurance is $450/year. I buy a tank of gas once every month or more. After many months of wondering if I would have the energy and time, I washed my car yesterday, on Saturday 3/31/07. I am so happy.

Again, this past week, I made 5 quarts of Soup and 26 Matzo balls, and brought them in to work for various people to enjoy them. A colleague met me for Chinese Buffet dinner on Friday 3/30. This is the first time I have met with someone from Convergys socially. I have been there 1.33 years. He has the same sense of humor, and taste in music. We both enjoy talking about politics and world events.Today, Sunday, is my third unpaid day off in a row. This includes Sunday for this week, and Friday and Saturday of last week. I have Saturday off this week. I hope I have Sunday off next week. I will then have 2 days off in a row next week.

I finally cleaned my old George Forman Grill today. Most of the black non-stick surface on the bottom is either worn off, or peals easily. There is also some caked-on black. I took out my 3/18 GF grill from Target for the first time. It is 75% the size of the old one. I finally transferred my belongings to my 3/15 Backpack from Target today. I striped off customizations from my old one. On 2/28, I finally figured out the meaning of "Many Happy Returns". A colleague had wrote that on my card, plus "of the day". That finally explains to me, that it is a wish that I have many more happy birthdays!

As a project in High School English, I had to write up thesis, whereby, I made a statement, and three examples to prove it. I chose: "Everything is Infinite". My three supporting examples were Space, Time, & Energy.
"Florida is the FLaced state" - Andrew Lerner.

Under "Important Safeguards in the George Foreman Ownders Manual, it says: "Do not place in front of, or in back of the front wheels of a car, as it may alter the wheel alignment if driven over."

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