Friday, August 08, 2008

Eric Garbarczyk

Eric is Cavalier: Showing arrogant or offhand disregard; dismissive: a cavalier attitude toward the suffering of others. I believe that is what makes his job in Customer service easier. He is not empathetic, and feels no pain. He just picks up garbage dumped on him by Agents and customers, and hauls it away.

People have a hard time pronouncing his name. About 3 months ago, Eric approached me to print on a shirt of his, the phrase 'Eric Garbage truck'. I was eager to do this for him as a favor to please him. I am proud of the design I created that is shown in this posting. He constantly made specific promises of when and how he would give me a white T-shirt. I had designed and printed on T-shirts for a few other co-workers.

At irregular intervals, sometimes daily, I ask or remind him about bringing me a shirt. He continued to assure me that he does indeed want his white shirt printed on, that he wants above phrase on his shirt, and will bring it in. He even promised to put it into my draw on my day off with a note. I even came in on my day off, and it was not there. I decided that I no longer wanted to make this gift for him if he would not bring it in the next day. I told him this, and he again promised to bring it the next day. He did not bring it in. Then, on the day after that, I instead printed it out on paper, and showed his friends. Eric was not at work, and I have not shown him my work to this day.

The following day after that, as I was leaving, he smiled, and held his white T-shirt above his head. He proclaimed that he wants to keep his shirt blank. Although I thought he would do this childish act, I was surprised, amazed, and disappointed that he was not the virtuous person I once thought he was. I am also very puzzled by his behavior. I am surprisingly not angry. I instead feel sorry for him. I don't treat people the way Eric did to me. I definitely do not deserve this treatment.

I have been frequently been dumped on, earlier in my life. It appears people abuse my vulnerabilities for their gain, due to my "disabilities" The name of this is now better known as being an Aspie. People get the impression that I am rude, and insensitive. I am quite the contrary. I have been frustrated most of my life, to overcome my syndrome. I fortunately now finally have a name & definition for it (AS). This has empowered me. That is why I say that "I am empowered by the Aspie operating system."

During these first three years that I have been in Florida, I have come to trust and love people. For the first time, I love many of the people I work with. I have worked very hard to overcome my impression on people. One way I do this, and to show my appreciation to those who are kind to me, is to do things or give things to these people. I enjoy giving to people. I am compelled to demonstrate my appreciation to people who are respectful, tolerant, and helpful to me. I hope this can compensate for my lack of social skills. I have had a frustratingly hard time my entire life to make friends, and develop relationships. I frequently want to give up trying as hard as I do. I believe I will continue my lonely life until I die. Unfortunately, I never give up hope. What is your reaction? I would like to know.

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