Tuesday, August 26, 2008

O2D2 & PHone2

I have the Beanie Baby named Weenie. It reminds me of my dog Odie, and gives me comfort at my job. I had asked in a poll on this site, what should I name it? The names I though of to be voted on are Godie, &og, O2D2, & Korny. Godie just adds a G to Odie,and suggests either being on the go, or God. God is dog spelled backwards. &og stands for Andog, a combination of my name and the word dog. O2D2 stands for Odie two, dog two. The only letters also spell out O-D. It is inspired by the Star Wars droid called R2D2. Korny is a corny name spelled like a favorite Rock music group called Korn. All two votes received chose O2D2. 10/15/08: I have since thought of two new names. Rew is short for roo since it looks like a Kangaroo, and shares my name without the &. Nissan, because it is not a Dachshund. The car company was previously named Datsun.

When I called on 8/11/08, to have my number transferred to my new cell-phone, I was asked if I wanted to renew my contract. Not understanding what this meant, I said yes, and received a free $50 credit to my account. I then found out that the consequence is a two year deadline to renew. If I stop service before that time, I would be fined a $200 fee. Since I have had the freedom of no-contract, I called back to return the $50, and regain my freedom. My plan continues to be $15/month for 750 anytime anywhere minutes, and 50 text messages per month. I have no contract deadline, or cancellation fees.

I made another call to Vonage to cancel my phone service. I have the $4.99 plan. I was offered no-cost service for three months, and I accepted. I continue to have both house and mobile phone numbers and services, and I am only paying $15/month.

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