Monday, August 04, 2008

&rew Lerner design LOves FLOrida

Please click on this and every picture and title of every posting in this site. This is the current state of my design. I deliberately integrated my original logo for Florida with my original name. I would like to use this as one unified logo that Identifies me and my work. If another company would like to license this logo from me, it would probably not have my name, or listed as prominently.

I, Andrew Lerner, created from scratch only all by myself, a design to express what the state of Florida means and feels like. It is a logo or symbol that expresses the feeling of Florida . It incorporates the word love and the the name of Florida . It is also as if to say, that "I love Florida", and there is love here. I made the letter "o" into the shape of a heart. That is because the heart symbolizes love and warmth. The letter "o" is being used as part of both the words love and Florida , just as the the letter "L" is! Also, I made the the inside of the letter "o" yellow. This represents the warm sunshine of the sun in this sunshine state! Also, the round orange "o" dot over the "i" represents the fruit orange that is grown here in this state of Florida ! The F and L are capitalized as FL is also the abbreviation for the state of Florida. I used colors that represent my state of Florida . They are green, yellow, orange, and the red love that I feel living here. The font I used is rounded, and smooth, just like the heart I used, and how Florida looks and feels.

Advertising and graphic art has been an interest of mine most of my life. It is only recently, that I started exploring and applying my talents by learning and using Microsoft Publisher 2000. I am proud of my design. I applied for a copyright at the Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office. 101 Independence Ave. SE Washington, DC 20559-6000. I find my idea, design, and work to be very creative, clever, and well done. I am proud of my work, that I feel is professional looking. I am showing it to you to get feedback along these lines. I crave and need praise and encouragement. My success in life is proportional to the amount of support and attention I receive. Unfortunately this is little and far between. What is your reaction? I would like to know.

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