Friday, October 23, 2009

How to click on boxes.

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Today, in 2003, Jeremy was born. We wish him a happy Birthday.
Richard and you: Please read these instructions.

Please click on lettered box below, that look like this illustration:

c(A) (0) c(B) (0) c(C) (1) c(D) (0) c(E) (0) c(F) (0)
Do not click above, or in these above boxes.

The above letters, brackets, and zeros, are for instructional purposes only.
Each boxes below this posting corresponds to the following letter choices:
A) Funny. B) Informative. C) Clever. D) Disagree. E) Excellent. F) Frivolous.
Do not click on the immediately above line.

1) Please place your cursor arrow onto the box with the letter that corresponds with your selection. Make sure it is a little square box, and that it is below this posting for this date. (The boxes can be found BELOW this posting.)

2) Please apply pressure with your right finger in a downward motion, until you hear a click.

EXAMPLE: If you think that this posting is clever, then you would click on the "C" box below. Remember, it must be a little square box that is NEXT to the letter. Your vote will not count if you click on a letter that is within this post. You will not be brought to another web page when you click on a box. This is only a box that is filled inside with the color white.

3) A check mark will then appear, showing that you have voted. Congratulations! The counter for that box, will increment by your one vote (#)!Please come back to look at the amount of votes for each choice. If you are the first voter for the "C" box, it will look like the illustration above as "(1)".

For more practice, click here --->

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