Thursday, November 05, 2009


FaceBook: <--Click here for comments. Attended my first Yoga class ever, today! I guess I performed Yoga. It was scary, and hard to follow. I was uncomfortable and puzzled. I walked out, exhausted after 15 minutes. Do I not know how to breath? What is the purpose of closing the eyes and chanting "ohmmmm". I did not not do either, so I can see and hear what else I am supposed to be doing. I believe "ohm" is an electricity term. Oh yeah... everyone had naked feet! Please click on a lettered box below. Each box corresponds to the following choices: A) Funny. B) Informative. C) Clever. D) Disagree. E) Excellent. F) Frivolous.

I made my first purchase of my first Whamo Superball since 1967! It was $1.99 at Sports Authority!

321-214-9855 has been permanently disconnected. This was my VoIP telephone number.

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