Friday, November 27, 2009

Convergys Corporation

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Convergys Corporation 287 International Pkwy,
Lake Mary, FL (407) 771-8000‎
3 reviews
Very bad company‎
By Paul - Sep 15, 2009‎
Its very unfortunate that a company is able to manipulate employees, treat them very poorly, using the poor economy as an excuse. This company completely under pays their employees, and in reality does not treat them well at all, also, its a fact that convergys while under paying their employees is increasing their own profit margin. Lets put it this way, what do you really think of a company that wont even supply ear phone cushions to their employees requesting that their employees purchase their own, 70 cents a piece, that is really sad and cheap. They watch you like a hawk, this is really one of the worst managed companies I've ever had the pleasure of working for. Maybe if enough people write reviews about this company, they will get the picture. I have to agree, they are morons I could write a book about how bad this company is, and ATT should be ashamed to be doing business with them.‎

disgusting company‎
By Paul - Sep 15, 2009‎
The true test of a companys treatment of its employees is its turnover rate, not what they pay or entice other companies to say about how great they are to work for, looking at the unbelievably high turn over rate this company has, and it should be apparent as to how bad they really are, and if their management had any brains or cared, they would recognize this as a sign that someday this will come back to bite them in the azzzz......they are really really bad.‎

By Christopher - Jul 2, 2009‎
I was hired by Convergys on April 1, 2007 which is yes, April Fools Day, and I found out that I am a fool for taking the job because they treated me and all of my other co-workers like (expletive). First of all, the supervisors are always staring down your throat and watching your back which would make anyone nervous and (expletive) up their performance.
Second, the managers were always changing their rules. How are you suppose to abide by rules if they are always changing? Third, after working their for a certain amount of time, you accumulate vacation and Paid Time Off which I was saving for the right time. My supervisor was giving me GREAT reviews with great scores, but all of the sudden, it seemed like my scores were gradually getting worse and worse even though I was performing the same way. While still getting poor reviews, I noticed that they placed Awards on the wall with my name on them saying how Great of a worker I was. Now does that (expletive) make sense? I don't think so.
It also seems ironic that after I was working there for exactly 6 months, they told me I was not working up to their standards and laid me off. Last but not least, after they laid me off, I was able to collect unemployment from them because I did not use misconduct. After collecting the whole amount of my unemployment compensation, they sent me a letter in the mail asking for all of that money back, WHICH IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL. When you collect unemployment, you DO NOT have to pay it back. Convergys should be sued because of this. In fact, I am working on Legal Action towards them. CONVERGYS IS THE WORST (expletive) COMPANY EVER. CONVERGYS IS REALLY MEDIACOM, MEDIACOM IS REALLY CONVERGYS! Mediacom treats their customers like (expletive) and I am a witness because I was there. Poor customers ALWAYS had problems with their service. SUCK MY (expletive)(expletive), I HOPE YOU B*RN D0WN IN HISTORY!

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