Friday, May 21, 2010


THIS MORNING, MANY OF OF OUR DISHES, BOWLS, AND PLATES FELL OUT OF THE CABINETS AND BROKE INTO THOUSANDS OF PIECES ALL OVER THE ENTIRE KITCHEN FLOOR! I took out a bowl, the the shelf collapsed, and then one by one, 7 Corelle bowls and plates rapidly started falling and breaking on the counters and floors. The explosions were very load, and left thousands of shards everywhere. We locked up to protect Colbert in the office. Our cabinets are not good, and our kitchen is too small. I did not purchase this condo with a wife in mind. 7 of my Corelle plates and bowls broke today. The craver has happily purchased the long wanted new complete replacement Corelle dinnerware sets for 8 today. We purchased 2 boxes of dinnerware sets for 4 today. Of the original service for 4 from my family in 1979, only three of the plates, and zero bowls survive. Combinations of different patterns, of incomplete sets, of the same shape and size were added in 2005 from family. This handled service for up to 11, but now 8 at best. My existing dinnerware has been fine for me. I did not know that they all had to match, and be of consistent amounts. My priority has always been the ability to get food that can be put on the plates and bowls. I hope that after being unemployed for 15 months and a college student, that I will be able to continue doing so for the years to come until maybe I can earn money. However, I can always sell the old ones on eBay. 5/24/10 Update: Recieved a $32 refund from K-mart, for the 2 16pc sets of Corelle dinnerware he bought Friday for $130! That is 25% off a purchase I have been protesting against for more than a year! His household already has 3 other sets of dishes.

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דָּנִיֵּאל said...

Newly purchased Corelleware is fairly hard to break. Old Corelleware breaks easily. My mother dropped an old Corelle teacup about a foot onto a carpeted floor and it shattered just like you describe. With the padding under the carpet you would think that it should have bounced and been okay.