Friday, May 07, 2010

Sick of the S-ity

After seeing Sex and the City movie for the first time yesterday, I expect SATC-2 to be about four ShopaWhore Chicks. I saw a scene where they are alone in a desert, which is hardly a "city". Sex must be pretty "shity" there. I expect SATC-4 (whores) to be even (wh)more redundant. The moral of the first movie is: Dont fuck men, and they will not fuck you. The fourth SATC move should be sub=titled "Four Play because most of them are married". The language used in this posting was inspired by Bill Mahr, on HBO. I greatly enjoyed the SATC series on HBO. It focused on empowered women, which is good. The movie sensationalizes the worst characteristics of the TV series, focusing on Status and money, and treating men badly.

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