Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lake Mary Rocks

“Rock N' Roll ain't dead. It’s Alive!” Indeed it is. It’s Alive are a four-piece rock band from Lake Mary, Florida and their latest single "Pieces" should do little more than completely blow you away. The song was released digitally at the beginning of this month and will no doubt be a resounding success.

When listening to "Pieces" you would be forgiven for thinking there were a few members of Linkin Park in this band, but remarkably there isn’t. As the first few seconds emerge, electronic drums quietly beat away and a typically Linkin Park piano riff creeps in. The verse then builds up to a huge chorus which wouldn’t have looked out of place on Linkin Park’s multi-platinum debut, Hybrid Theory. The chorus is quite simply epic and what really defines this band are the wonderful vocals of Zach Webb. I hate to make even more comparisons, but Webb isn’t far off the high pitched raspy voice that Chester Bennington possesses in anthems such as "Crawling".

Admittedly there are a few similarities between It’s Alive and Linkin Park, but make no mistake It’s Alive aren’t a rip off band and far from it. They clearly have talent and if their debut album Human Resources comes out with other bone crushing tunes like "Pieces" then we are in for a treat.

Click on Lake Mary Rocks above to listen to them.

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