Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aspie Supremacy

The link above can bring you to a facebook page that this posting is based on. It does not necessarily represent my views. I found it to be entertaining, and did not take it very seriously. I appreciate the comment that has so far been contributed.
ASPIE: A superior being, while deficient in chaotic morasses such as small-talk, inferior double-standard-laden customs and values trumpeted by Neurotypicals, and deciphering Neurotypical body-language, more than makes up for it with a sharp, penetrating mind that is highly adept at developing an intense focus on a subject giving them
... a near-savant level of proficiency, an inborn sense of principles that allows them to develop practically consistent characteristics and values, and an ability to reason independently, reducing their susceptibility to dogma, acceptance of groundless assertions, and the hazards of groupthink. The eccentric man with the encyclopaedic knowledge, monotone voice, and static facial expression must be an Aspie.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with the whole "aspie supremacist" strawman is that it isn't just untrue, it's a dishonest way of discrediting other people's motives. "Oh, you hate that these days, people care more for your ability to communicate rather than your ability to achieve? You couldn't possibly dislike it for honest reasons, you must just dislike it because you're a closed-minded aspie supremacist!"

Anyway, do you guys see how fucking ridiculous this is? Any thread about aspie supremacy gets dozens of replies in one day, with almost everyone bitching about "aspie supremacy" without one real example of it that I can see. It's like the Two Minutes' Hate from 1984, people just sit around a forum and vent their frustrations on largely non-existent and wholly irrelevant "supremacists" for some sort of emotional catharsis.

Well, guess what folks? I'm a supremacist! I think neurotypicals are idiots who are fucking this world up, I look down on primate politics, I think if aspies were in charge things would be a whole lot better, and I look down on you for kissing neurotypical ass instead of going your own way! Congratulations, you got me. Now go do something worthwhile, like being bullied by neurotypicas for not being a neurotypical, then bulling other aspies when they speak out against it. How pitiful. And here I was, thinking aspies of all people would be able to act logically rather than emotionally.