Sunday, August 01, 2010

Face Book

A Jew and a Clinton are married.

FACEBOOK: What is posted in Facebook, should be discussed in Facebook, at least before it is beyond F.B.. I am insulted if I am not directly confronted by a post I make on FB, in FB first. Confrontation, is not communication. Communication means to express your feelings, and not to ask questions to have an expected answer. If you react to me outside, instead of inside FB, do not be surprised if you are taken out of my FB.

Andrew... had a delightful meal at Tijuana Flats (BOGO), and picked up DVDs of Mad Men Darn, it was the only TV series sold out of both season 2 and 3! could only get first 3 DVDs of season 1 only!

The picture posted is of my friend's dog. It was too excellent and adorable not to post.

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