Sunday, August 15, 2010

Graphic Designer formally known as

Andrew I. Lerner I am the Graphic Design Artist formally known as &rew. Prince (eponymous) and I were born in 1958. Dan: "But, to my knowledge Prince does not have a cactus named Elanor." Andrew I. Lerner has finished watching every episode of Mad Men, and is returning the last DVD today. Mad Men is on Sunday 10pm on AMC. Andrew I. Lerner ‎'s cactus named Elanor is bathing in the southern exposure sun right now. I hope it is therapeutic along with the 48oz of water I poured on it last night. Can you be a closet claustrophobic? Andrew I. Lerner must get to bed early since I have to get up in the afternoon for a nap. Andrew I. Lerner is extremely relieved that someone finally let me help them do something very important and necessary, after being after them about it for a year! Bess: "Someone not only needed and needs the help but the motivation to follow through" Andrew I. Lerner transplanted a cactus from a pot into the ground. Did not realize there are many of these tiny needles that are hard to see, that make my hands sting and itch. I may need a magnifying glass and tweezers. ouch. Andrew I. Lerner is glad to have read this wall to wall quote, but would have preferred a direct apology.‎"Stephen to Thom : You'll never guess who I bumped into into on face-book. Andrew Lerner! He's a friend now and we've posted on each others walls and swapped emails. I basically filled him in on what's up since '79. How about that? I was such a jerk in high school to Andrew. I don't think I really evolved until my sophomore year of college. You change, you grow, you progress." Bess: "well some folks just cant say it, so they indirectly go about it.." Andrew I. Lerner Thank you Bess for your guiding me with advice on NT people behave. Andrew I. Lerner The Menu card that I designed is now featured in! Andrew I. Lerner Is Sarah Palin supposed to IMPROVE FAUX-NEWS image? Can it compete with CNN ... It has an 86 year old (Larry) talking about a FOX cartoon show (Family Guy). If CNN merges with CBS, will it become CNN-B.S.? Anna Nicole Smith walks out of grave alive, and does it with Tiger Woods. Dan: "Tiger always went for those blonds!" Charlie Brown, Charles Schultz and I, are Aspies. I identified with that cartoon character throughout my life. Now even more, since I am bald. I have always been lonely, yearned for the affections of the little Red-haired girl, bet never enjoyed life as most people. There was a long lonely time of PB sandwiches back in Grade school. Andrew I. Lerner has to leave now to join 3 people at the pool. I just came back from grocery shopping at Publix, after getting out of bed at 4pm! Andrew I. Lerner just saw a yellow Lamborghini parked in the disabled spot in front of the Lake Mary Publix Super-Market. I took pictures, and will download and upload soon . Reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that Prime Minister Putin has ordered Russian military forces to prepare to confront American military forces in Afghanistan over what Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov warns is the “greatest threat to International peace and security”, Afghanistan’s thriving drug trade supported by the US and NATO Steve: "Great. That's all we need. When are we going to learn to stay out of the 'sandbox' and realize that they don't like us there, they never liked us in the first place, and they will always view us as 'outsiders', infidels and 'the other'. ...They've got long memories, they're still cheesed off over the crusades. I suppose it won't happen until they run out of oil. That's the only reason we mess around in the sand in the first place. When we're up and running on green energy, see how much we care about 'the sandbox'." Stephen: "It's an old fashioned seltzer bottle! Most probably made in eastern Europe in the 20's. I used to be a part time manager in a beer and soda store back in the early 80's. We had a bunch of them and would truck them to a place in Jamaica Queens, which was the only place around that would re fill them as they still had... the old technology that could do it. Very 'old time chic'. I bought one outright with the intent to make a table lamp out of it, but it went nowhere. The metal top could not be drilled through without destroying it. Pity..." Andrew I. Lerner Love is less than three. ♥ Andrew I. Lerner review of Line-Drive Burgers, Lake Mary: The fresh burgers are decent. Buns are good. Topping selection is nice and unlimited. The home-made chips and crinkle-cuts are thick, crunchy, and oily. Self-serve drinks are good. Order at counter, and then served later. No music. Obvious and poor value competition to Steak 'N ...Shake. 5% of the high cost goes to charity. Coupons on website. Andrew I. Lerner is relieved that even though he exhausted his UIC 2 weeks ago, he will start again under Tier 4 on Monday! Andrew I. Lerner and other Aspies, Absolutely cannot multitask. "Just calmly tell the Aspie what he's doing wrong, Don't yell at him." People with Asperger's need peace, quiet and solitude. Bess: "...if your doing something wrong they will talk behind your back, send email out and not tell anyone to their face. It's where work gets in the way if gossip..." Robbie Aasdf: "i firmly believe that only direct communication of an issue will resolve it. talking behind someone's back isn't going to help that person with the issue. state your issue, discuss in a timely manner, and move on. easy enough concepts. probably why i scare possible" Andrew I. Lerner saved 1,998 sq. ft. of rain forest. Andrew I. Lerner ‎'s view is that a Mosque should not be prevented from being constructed near the WTC in Manhattan.!/AndrewILerner?v=wall&story_fbid=140253789340182 Andrew I. Lerner just ordered his textbooks for the Fall Semester from
August 9 at 12:10am Andrew I. Lerner; "AARP= "After Age of Real Productivity" August 8 at 5:59pm Andrew I. Lerner supposes that , if it was not for that pesky meteor, dinosaurs would be flying space ships by now. Andrew I. Lerner: Love is less than three. ♥ August 7 at 9:48pm Chantri: "No. heart is less than 3. Love is much more. Hahaha" Dan:
"I realize that the article was about certain workplace accommodations, but, seriously, here in North central FL particularly, is the expectation is for the AS employee to conform and be thankful to have a job in this right to work state. I... don't want to have to wear a pin that says "I am autistic, and protected by the ADA so treat me nice or I sue." The level of civility in society has declined so greatly that most NT people and employers would use that as an excuse to make you feel more out of place so you would quit voluntarily. The article is a nice thought, but not going to be adopted by the NT world any time soon." Daniel דָּנִיֵּאל "Since the diagnosis for Asperger's Syndrome didn't exist when I was in school I was "mainstreamed" by default. Information Technology tends to be a natural fit for many of us since computers are far more predictable than people... They put us down in the basement and let us play with computers, what could be better as a job? Patterns of behavior can change with a bit of concerted effort. I tend to be "blind" to things that others notice about my behavior - I don't even realize that I've done something until someone points it out. It is just a matter of learned behavior." August 4 at 9:21pm Andrew I. Lerner FINALLY installed the ballast from Home Depot and the GE bulbs from Publix on the Kitchen ceiling light fixture, and it finally works! YAY! There is light! :) August 2 at 7:48pm Andrew I. Lerner What is posted in Facebook, should be discussed in Facebook, at least before it is beyond F.B.. I am insulted if I am not directly confronted by a post I make on FB, in FB first. Confrontation, is not communication. Communication means to express your feelings, and not to ask questions to have an expected answer. If you react to me outside, instead of inside FB, do not be surprised if you are taken out of my FB August 3 at 11:58am

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