Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Birthdays and strange Florida

The best card ever sent me was from my mother. It said it was a birthday wish from America's Favorite Rock Group. Inside it had the four presidents from Mt. Rushmore. It was very appropriate since my birthday is 2/21. George Washington's is 2/22, and Abraham Lincoln's is on 2/12. Also, I enjoy music from "Rock groups".

July 4 is the birthday of this country! I purchased and gave a digital programmable slow cooker to introduced me to, and gave me a crock pot. It is such a clever and convenient device! introduced me to so many things that people have taken for granted for decades.

My favorite dentist of my life is here in Lake Mary. He introduced me for the first time to dental floss! He told me what it is for, and how to use it. I am trying to floss more regularly. His partner told me that I should brush my teeth twice a day. I plan to do these activities, since I do not enjoy root canals, and having to get dental work.

There are these plastic pipes all over here in Florida. They stick out of the ground, and spray water, often along sidewalks. They easily and often break, creating geysers that waste much water. These sprinklers make me soaking wet when I walk to my door, or cause me to walk in the street where cars can hit and kill me. These sprinklers have also cut off all of the flower heads of the many marigold plants I purchase and planted from Home Depot. These, and my tulips are now all dead. I purchased these foam tubes from Home Depot. They are designed to go around pipes. I put them around all of the pipes that surround my windows, condo, and sidewalks. Now when the water is turned on, the water is sprayed onto my windows or walls. Life is easier now.

Sidewalks here end suddenly in the middle of nowhere, or are surrounded by water sprayers. There is no shoulder along the busy highway to my employer. Therefore, I drive against traffic in the same lane as the cars. I watch to make sure they swerve over to avoid hitting me. The chances are that I would not be killed instantly. I would rather work and earn money, than suffer pain and deprivation in a hospital. Oh, by the way, I earned my third earnings increase! With all this extra money I saved up from this, I purchased a US flag umbrella today!

Each year, a poll is taken by classic Rock music stations as to the 400 favorite classic Rock tunes. They are then played on July 4th, consecutively in a count down. This year, the number one song was my favorite song! It is Rock And Roll by Led Zeppelin! I want this song played at my funeral, and the lyrics "Its been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time" put on my tombstone. "Its been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely...."

My 1999 Ford Escort has almost 70k miles. Historically, this is when they need a new transmission. The car is too low, small, difficult and unpleasant to get into and out of. I drive three miles each day for thirty minutes. I want a compact SUV like a Toyota Rav 4. Should I sell my sedan and buy a new SUV?

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