Thursday, July 20, 2006


I will be taking off from employment on Tuesdays, and then off on Thursdays, starting in August. I will be working on Wednesdays starting in August. I will continue to be off from employment on Sundays. I only still have the same phone numbers I have had for years. There is no new telephone number. People in the State of Missouri state that they are in the State of Mizurah. They are in the state of denial, since they are really in the state of misery. This is due to one of the greatest storms to ever hit there Wednesday 7/19 and Thursday July 20, 2006. The record heat and power outages have resulted in many deaths. You can either live in Florida, or in misery. The UN is UNimpressive. The USA is in JerUSAlem. I'm not rude, hyper, shy, retarted, lazy, psychotic, or evil. I am Autistic, just as Albert Einstein was.

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